PIXILAB is the creator of Blocks, software for creating dynamic room experiences. Display, control, interact - all in one system. Arrange content using smart building blocks. Then drag those to the display spots, whether these are displays, LED screens, tablets or mobile phones.
Blocks is a new generation of presentation technology that excels at interactivity, 3D content and synchronisation of audio and video across all devices. It also fits nicely with web-based production and programming tools for team-friendly, multi-user workflows.
Drawing on PIXILAB's control system roots, you can easily integrate sensors, buttons, QR codes, RFID and control your lights with Visual Productions' CueCore2 or sync all system components with the TimeCore, using SMPTE, MTC or Art-net timecode!
The Blocks software runs on the Blocks Server. You'll find CueCore2 and TimeCore drivers in the Control section of Blocks, ready to be integrated for automated lighting control and sources synchronisation.
Blocks compatible products
Products shown below are well integrated with PIXILAB Blocks. Blocks drivers for Visual Productions controllers can be found in the Control section of the Blocks software and on Github here.