Composer® is Symetrix' end-to-end solution for creation of customised GUIs, scheduling, presets, logic, security and integration of Symetrix and third-party control solutions, such as lighting control by Visual Productions lighting controllers.
Composer® allows for flexible and robust remote control, supporting a variety of Symetrix and third-party remote controls. Symetrix touch screens, wall panels, the control server, and SymVue Windows GUIs are programmed directly from Composer.
With a Symetrix Intelligent Module for Visual Productions' CueCore2 lighting controller you can now seamlessly integrate advanced control of your DMX controlled lights. Create your Symetrix controlled AV system and include DMX lighting to generate this special atmosphere, use lighting to contribute to your corporate identity or have moving lights following your speaker from one position to another.
The Symetrix Intelligent Module for CueCore2 can be downloaded here and was specially developed to integrate CueCore2 functions such as Playback Transport, Playback Intensity control, Playback Rate control and Master Fade. Intelligent Modules for controlling Visual Productions' QuadCore, CueCore3 and DaliCore will be added to the Composer® Control Library soon.
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Compatible products
Products shown below are Symetrix Composer compatible. Symetrix Intelligent Modules are available through the Control Library web page .