Releasing the DaliCore
As the architainment industry continues to grow, it converges more and more with the traditional architectural lighting market. Visual Productions expands its presence in the architectural segment with the development of the DaliCore; a smart lighting controller for the DALI protocol.
From commissioning to daily control, the DaliCore takes care of the DALI lighting system. Targeting hybrid installations that comprise both DALI and DMX, the DaliCore also controls DMX fixtures including support for RDM communication.
The web-interface offers a sophisticated commissioning tool for discovering ballasts, setting addresses and creating scenes. The DaliCore is fluent in controlling DT6 and DT8 luminaries. As an application controller, the DaliCore can work with DALI actuators like sensors and switches, making autonomous decisions and control DALI luminaries accordingly.
Although the DaliCore is perfectly capable to perform conversions between DMX and DALI, the DaliCore does offer a superior strategy of linking DMX and DALI networks: the DaliCore can be triggered by DMX (or other protocol) and then call DALI scenes using the luminaries internal fade times. In contrast to conversion, this strategy results smooth cross-fades.
The DaliCore integrates easily with 3rd party devices. Open protocols like UDP, OSC, HTML, Art-Net and sACN can be used interact with other AV or lighting equipment. This also opens up the possibility to extend the DALI system with the user-interfaces from Visual Productions like Kiosc and B-Station, or powerful DMX lighting engines like CueCore and LPU-2.
Please contact Visual Productions at for enquiries about the DaliCore or any other product from the range of architectural lighting controllers.