TimeCore with DWR Distribution (RSA)
“The TimeCore from Visual Productions really makes training and our demo’s very easy to do,” enthused Dylan Jones, 3D visualisation and Media server expert, from South African distributor DWR, “Clients lately have been really interested in the product wherever it is shown.”
For the recent Green Hippo training at DWR, Jones and Green Hippo’s Suzy Stenning, used the TimeCore to generate SMPTE timecode into the sync manager component of the Green Hippo Boreal Media Server. The sync manager allows external timecode to be interfaced with and routed in, the Green Hippo Media Server. Once timecode was received from the TimeCore they demonstrated its uses with the timeline component, allowing users to program and then playback their timeline via timecode. Stenning commented “the generator feature on the TimeCore allowed us to easily demonstrate how easy it is to work with timecode and Hippotizer, with a single click of a button!”.
At the end of the Green Hippo training, Jones confirmed “All our advanced users and operators were very interested and conversation sparked about different applications in their workflow. We are currently trying different combinations of timecode converting options and various configurations to fully understand the enormous potential of this unique device.”
The DWR staff have redesigned their demo room system to include two TimeCore devices to sync timecode across all audio and lighting consoles in a powerful and trouble free setup. DWR customer and expert audio engineer, Marinus Visser from production company Blue Array, states that “using the TimeCore to convert timecode between various protocols, allows for solid and flexible communication and control of all cues during shows. The OSC capabilities are especially interesting to me.”
The TimeCore from lighting control manufacturer Visual Productions is a tool box for timecode users. The TimeCore generates, follows, displays and converts timecode signals. It supports SMPTE, MTC &ArtNet timecode as well as handling a number of non-timecode protocols such as UDP / OSC / ArtNet / sACN.