Zuiderzeelicht runs stand-alone with Core2 series (NL)
During the darker days of December, the Dutch open air museum, the Zuiderzeemuseum, in Enkhuizen was beautifully illuminated. A fairytale about the Zuiderzee was told in eight scenes (4 indoor and 4 outdoor) by Dutch author Arthur Japin. Visitors were sent into the park in time-shifts of 5 minutes and were walking on their own through a magically lit environment. At every scene, a LED countdown clock told the visitors when they could enter the next scene.
All the lights and special effects at the scenes were controlled by Visual Productions’ products. Stage lights and clocks were controlled with the Cuecore2 and QuadCore whilst the brand new IoCore2 controlled a special effect that was mounted into a table. “The inputs and outputs on this device made it very easy to integrate the effect in a complete timecode and UDP triggered show and gave us the possibility to control the effect but also put in reset-points.” said technical producer Bob van der Klaauw. He continued his praise of the solid-state controllers stating “Every night, the show has run smoothly about a 100 times. So “zuiderzeelicht” was coloured a little purple!”
Project: “Zuiderzeelicht” Zuiderzeemuseum Enkhuizen, NL
Title: “Het vrouwtje van Stavoren” by Arthur Japin
Technical production: Bob van der Klaauw
Programmers: Michel Verhegbrugge and Barend van Wezel
6 CueCore2
1 IoCore2
1 QuadCore
1 Grand MA
1 Madrix 8 universe
4 beamers
8 moving heads
And a lot of fixtures and cables
Photo credit IoCore2 Table: Xsaga Amsterdam