Suncoast Casino, South Africa
The Suncoast Casino in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa features a brand new lighting scheme designed and specified by Joao Viegas and Paul Pamboukian of architectural lighting design firm.

While Paul and Joao presented and led the project, it was a collaborative effort with the entire PPALD design team working with DWR Distribution, who provided the fixtures, controls and commissioning of the system.

The ambitious project was supervised for DWR by Johnny Scholtz. They were outsourced to Edison Power, who worked for the leading South African hotel, gaming and entertainment group, Tsogo Sun, the end customer.

The brief was to replace the building's tired old-colored metal halide [sodium] lighting installation, which was lined with colored neon, with something vibrant, colorful and contemporary to match Durban's cosmopolitan vibe and energy.

DWR control specialist Bruce Riley designed a system managed by two Visual Productions' QuadCore controllers (live and backup) and their brand new Kiosk Touch software interface. A full fiber optic network was installed so they took advantage of this and installed 15 smaller kiosks around the perimeter with Visual Productions RdmSplitters.

DWR's system design through the DMX splitters to the fittings means that when the lighting hits, the overall system impact is minimized. The fiber optic network is also much less exposed from a lightning/storm point of view.

DWR's Jannie de Jager programmed everything with Bruce - leaving the customer with a set of pre-programmed looks and sequences that they can easily recall at any time. Their crew chief/site manager for the installation period was Nick Barnes, who worked with two freelance LED techs.
Photo Credit: Duncan Riley
Year: 2020