Yu Garden, Shanghai
The Yuyuan Garden business hub, located in Shanghai City Center, has about 155 years of history. Always vibrant and bustling with tourists, the traditional Chinese architecture stands out. With a requirement of over 750,000 DMX channels, so far 6 buildings were equipped with QuadCores, totalling 110 devices. Another 160 devices were ordered recently and will be installed from 2nd half of 2022 onwards. The project is being carried out by Visual Productions' distributor for China, Shanghai and Hongkong, ACE (Int’l) Co. Ltd, in cooperation with contractor , Shanghai GH Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

The Yuyuan Garden lighting control system has a high complex network integration. The backbone network of the lighting control system relies on the existing network which connects all buildings. It uses a TouchDesigner server in the main control room and sub-control room to control lighting during live events. Each single building is equipped with a number of QuadCores controlling LED strips, moving lights, spotlights and strobe lights. The system can easily switch between dynamic live effects and static effects which have been stored in the Tracks of all QuadCores. Thanks to QuadCore's Actions in Show Control, all these work automatically.

As Mr. Wang, CEO of Shanghai GH Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. stated: “The solid-state QuadCores are stable and recover quickly when there is something wrong. They are a unique solution for architectural lighting."

Project: Yu Garden Mall Shanghai
Client: YuYuan Inc
Consultant: RDI RDesign International Lighting
Contractor: A.C.E. Int’l Co. Ltd & GH Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd.
Photo Credit: Gavin Wang
Location: Shanghai, China
Year: 2022