Qizhong Tennis Center Lighting Control Project - A Shining Success Story
China's Guanhe Intelligent, a renowned lighting project company, illuminated the prestigious Qizhong Tennis Center in Shanghai in 2023. This center boasts the title of Asia's largest tennis court complex, featuring 25 courts built to international standards. It has hosted numerous prestigious tournaments, including four consecutive Shanghai Tennis Masters Cups and eleven Shanghai Rolex Masters tournaments since 2005.

Guanhe Intelligent, based in Shanghai, was chosen to provide a comprehensive intelligent lighting control system and cutting-edge equipment for the Qizhong Tennis Center. The company's proven expertise in delivering customized lighting solutions for major international sporting events made them a perfect fit for this project.

The brand-new lighting system takes the experience to a whole new level. It creates optimal lighting conditions for competitive events while also providing colorful ambient lighting and the ability to integrate dazzling light shows with opening music, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

"The advancements we've witnessed in Shanghai's infrastructure, the overall experience for both players and fans – these elements have elevated the Masters to an entirely new level," remarked Andrea Gaudenzi, President of the ATP.

Guanhe Intelligent provided the Visual Productions CueCore3 system and Kiosc app along with their professional intelligent lighting control products. The staff of Visual Productions, and their general agent, ACE, were invited to experience the intelligent lighting system firsthand. Maarten Donath, Visual Productions' account manager expressed his high praise for the system. He stated, "Visual Productions products have been exceptionally well integrated here, resulting in near-perfect lighting effects throughout the venue. The implementation of such an intelligent lighting system is truly pioneering in the realm of professional sports lighting. It's truly remarkable!"

Product in use:
Kiosc app
Year: 2023