Binzhou National Health and Culture Center, China
Binzhou National Health and Culture Center is the largest comprehensive sports venue in Binzhou City. It is composed of a stadium, national fitness center and an outdoor sports park.

The main stadium can accommodate 34,000 spectators. The shape is high from east to west, low from north to south, and the overall shape is saddle-shaped. It is nicknamed Binzhou's "Bird's Nest" because of its resemblance to the shape of the National Stadium.

The venue's lighting adopts the world's first full-color gamut intelligent lighting system that integrates multiple functions such as sports competitions, sports exhibitions and entertainment activities. The lighting not only allows athletes on the field to quickly adapt to the game, but also allows TV viewers to immerse themselves in the visual enjoyment of live games.

The Binzhou National Health and Cultural Center Stadium and Comprehensive Gymnasium use the Visual Productions lighting controller CueCore3 as the core controller of the entire intelligent lighting control system.

Visual Productions product in use:
Client: GHI
Location: Binzhou, China
Year: 2023