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GPIO interface module
GPIO interface module
The IoCore2 is a network-based solid-state interface for GPIO signals. It features eight GPI ports that can be configured as digital contact-closures or analog 0-10V level inputs. The IoCore2 also has eight GPO ports that are fitted with potential free relay switches. Furthermore, it has a RS-232 port, a bi-directional DMX-512 port and it supports many Ethernet based protocols.
Extend CueCore connectivity
The IoCore2 is an expansion module for the CueCore2. It can extend the CueCore's capabilities with its GPI, GPO, RS-232 and DMX ports. Incoming signals on any of these ports can be used to trigger lighting scenes inside the CueCores.
Convert and trigger protocols stand-alone
The IoCore2 is capable of sending, receiving and converting between any of its physical ports (GPI, GPO, RS-232 & DMX) and Ethernet based protocols (TCP, UDP, OSC & Art-Net).
Program show-control automation
The web-interface allows flexibel triggers and conversions to be programmed inside the IoCore2. The unit can operate autonomously, no external equipment required.
Combine with other products from the family
The IoCore2 can easily be combined with the CueCore2 and QuadCore lighting engines. Or the B-Station, a wall-mount button panel. And the RdmSplitter, a DMX signal booster/splitter.
Download the software tools
The IoCore2 comes with the vManager software tool. vManager, allows you to discover IoCores on the network, backup their internal data and upgrade firmware. There is also a simple program for creating custom touch-screen user-interfaces called Kiosc. Please read more about the CueCore2, QuadCore, B-Station, RdmSplitter and Kiosc.
Please read more about the QuadCore, CueCore2,
B-Station2, RdmSplitter and Kiosc.