Purple Cloud
Remote Management
Visual Productions' smart lighting control systems are now even smarter. The Purple Cloud platform supports lighting controllers installed worldwide. Our platform offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for managing your lighting system. Our cloud-based approach allows you to easily access and manage your lighting system from anywhere in the world, giving you unprecedented control and visibility over your operations.
Remote Monitoring
You can easily monitor your Visual Productions lighting system to ensure a fast response time in case of problems with your installation. With the Purple Cloud, you can view device uptime, incoming and outgoing network messages, as well as playback status, GPI levels, and device settings.
Remote Control
The Purple Cloud enables remote control on selected Visual Productions devices. You can log into your CueCore and experience the same operating environment and capabilities as if you were on the local network. A powerful feature that reduces the travel time and maintenance costs of your lighting installation.
Backup & Restore
The show file in a CueCore3 can be backed up via the Purple Cloud and saved online; accessible to all team members in the organisation.
RMA Procedure
Our cloud-based RMA process is designed to simplify the entire process of submitting an RMA request, tracking progress, and receiving your repaired or replaced controller. Using our Purple Cloud platform, you can easily submit your RMA request online from anywhere in the world and track progress in real time. Our platform also provides repair status updates so you can plan your operations accordingly.
Beta Status
The recently launched Purple Cloud is in Beta as additional functionality is added. This is why Purple Cloud accounts and functionality are currently offered for free.
Supported devices